Biomarker assays, analysis and interpretations

Understanding the complexity of the tumour immune microenvironment in tissues from preclinical mouse models through to patients on clinical trial provides valuable information for the drug discovery process.

At HistologiX we offer validated and optimised IHC immuno-oncology biomarker assays, together with next generation quantitative image analysis tools to deliver valuable immunological insight into tumour immune processes. Our robust approach to the identification, quantification, localisation, and spatial relationships of immuno-oncology biomarkers in tumour tissues, and the ability to interpret data from these assays, supports clients in making informed decisions for advancing their immunotherapeutic strategy to market.

Spatial distribution of immune cells within the tumour microenvironment is likely to be as important as the quantitative assessment of immune cell densities. By defining the interface between tumour and stroma, the profile of immune cell subsets on either side of the invasive margin can be quantified, specifically identification of tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs).

Significant insights can be made into the impact of immunotherapies on tumour immune processes and classification of different tumour types by direct interrogation of the tumour-immune interface.

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Spatial relationships

Immuno-Oncology Biomarkers

HistologiX offer assays for a range of commercially available immuno-oncology research biomarkers. Search our ever-growing list of biomarker assays below. Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can work with you to develop immuno-oncology biomarker assays for your specific biomarker. Get in touch to discuss your needs.  

IHC Biomarkers
Alpha smooth muscle actin antibodyCytokeratin 10
Anti-PD1Cytokeratin 18 antibody
Anti-PGP 9.5Epithelial sodium channel alpha antibody
Bcl-xL (54H6) Rabbit mAbErbB 2 antibody
BCL2Estrogen receptor alpha
Beclin 1F4/80
CalponinFilaggrin antibody
Carbonic anyhydrase IX (CA9)Fox-P3
CD20 (EP459Y)(HRP)
Granzyme B
CD20 antibody - C-terminalGrelin-1
Human Fibroblasts (TE-7)
CD25 (IL-2)
CD38 antibody (SP149) C-terminalLC3B
CD4Lck (Phospho Y505)
CD40 antibodyMannose receptor antibody (CD206)
CD8aMuc 5B
CEBP alpha antibodyNAK/TBK1
CFTR antibodyNewcastle's Disease Virus
Cleaved caspase 3NG2
Col IOPTN/Optineurin
Col IVPhospho-Akt
CONFIRM anti-CD3 (2GV6)Podocin
CONFIRM anti-CD4 (SP35)Phospho-p38 MAPK (Thr180/Tyr182)
CONFIRM anti-CD45RO (UCHL-1)Progesterone Receptor antibody
CONFIRM anti-CD8 (SP57)PTEN antibody (Y184)
Cytokeratin 1PTEN antibody (Y184)

Please see our IHC biomarkers for more targets in other pathways.