Expert contract histology services in support of research studies

HistologiX provides expert contract histology services to aid drug development on tissues from humans and other species. All slides and images are 100% Quality Controlled.

We can provide services from any point in the histopathology process, from wet tissue trimming through fixation, processing, embedding, sectioning to image analysis and reporting, including frozen sample assessment.

Non-regulatory Histology

Histologix provides histological services from the in-vivo phase of research studies such as, efficacy, PD, PK and dose escalation. Standardised or custom trimming planes, blocking codes and species-specific processing schedules are implemented as required.

Special Stains

An extensive range of tinctorial specialised staining methods is offered via automated and manual techniques to identify specific tissues, cell types and tissue/cell constituents.

AB/PAS, Masson’s Trichrome, Reticulin, Giemsa, Elastin Van Giesson, MSB, PTAH, OGF, silver impregnation, Oil Red O and many more.

Regulatory Preclinical Toxicology

Standardised and specialised toxicity study sample assessment and reporting, from wet tissue sample receipt to fully audited GLP Pathologist report.

Veterinary Pathologists

GLP accredited, board certified Veterinary Pathologists for assessment of preclinical studies and safety assessment for regulatory submissions.

Medical Pathologists

Board Certified Medical Pathologists who support research or clinical studies.

Special Stains

Non-Regulatory Histology

Regulatory Preclinical Toxicology

Veterinary Pathologists

Medical Pathologists