Indica Halo Image analysis

HALO™ is the next generation highly intuitive image analysis platform for digital pathology. Combining precision histology analytics, interactive results, with unmatched performance and scalability. The HALO platform supports Indica Labs’ precision histology image analysis algorithms. This tool set includes industry leading applications for oncology, neuroscience, metabolic disorders, toxicological pathology, and many more.

Designed to handle huge data sets, HALO measures and reports individual cell data and maintains an interactive link between cell metrics and cell imagery. The ability to data mine millions of cells while visually assessing corresponding cell populations opens the door to remarkable discoveries. Suited to analyze a handful of photomicrographs or thousands of large whole-slide images, HALO’s parallel processing technology and optimized algorithms yield up to 4X the analysis rate of competitive solutions. This performance gain can be realized in small-scale laboratory workstation environments or multiplied in large scale multi-server installations.

Data from positive stained cells can be presented as a percentage of total cells present. Due to the way in which HALO records positive staining, it is also possible to present data as an H-Score in an automated manner.

With over 20 years of experience within this field including working with software engineers to assist in the development of image analysis systems Histologix staff are uniquely well placed to deliver analysis solutions for your studies.


Tissue Classifier – ROI, Cytoplasmic, Nuclear & Membrane IHC Quantification, Microvessel Density, Dual Stain co-localisation (area and cell-by-cell), Alveolar lung/ nerve axon/myelin & muscle fibre quantification, Pancreas recognition and Dual stain co-localisation, Epidermal and retinal thickness measurement tool, TMA quantification, SISH & Dual CISH spot counting, Triple stain cell based immunofluorescence quantification, Fluorescent object co-localisation, multiplex RNA FISH.


Using Halo™ Image Analysis software it is possible to provide complex annotations and measurements on basic Haematoxylin and Eosin stained sections.

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