The demonstration of protein expression in tissue using antibody technology is one of the basic tools currently being used as part of targeted therapy development. Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is the major highly specialised technique that can be used to localise target or surrogate target proteins to translate events in disease processes and can be used to identify the effects of therapy.

Digital Pathology

A major advance in Pathology has been the development of digital slide scanners.  Digital images of staining tissue may be stored and used for subsequent image analysis or the images can be uploaded onto secure cloud servers where remote access can be given to pathologists or clients.

Indica Halo Image analysis

The ability to quantify the expression of proteins and mRNA using IHC and ISH technologies in a consistent, accurate and reproducible way is critical and basic to current biomarker strategies used to identify efficacy, proof of concept, proof of mechanism, to develop companion diagnostics, to stratify patients and to aid the development of personalised healthcare.

Human tissue supply

Tissue is critical to the research undertaken by Histologix and through a close and long collaboration with Tissue Solutions Ltd Histologix is able to source normal and diseased human tissue from over 90 ethical biobanks world wide.