Immuno- Oncology

Understanding the complexity of the tumour immune microenvironment in tissues from preclinical mouse models through to patients on clinical trial provides valuable information for the drug discovery process.

At HistologiX we offer validated and optimised IHC immuno-oncology biomarker assays, together with next generation quantitative image analysis tools to deliver valuable immunological insight into tumour immune processes.

Our robust approach to the identification, quantification, localisation, and spatial relationships of immuno-oncology biomarkers in tumour tissues, and the ability to interpret data from these assays, supports clients in making informed decisions for advancing their immunotherapeutic strategy to market.

Serial IHC staining and Image Analysis of CD3, CD8, FoxP3 and PD-L1 allows patient segmentation for immune therapy, using real quantifiable data
Immune Cell Analysis at Tumour-Stroma interface

Spatial distribution of immune cells within the tumour microenvironment is likely to be as important as the quantitative assessment of immune cell densities.

By defining the interface between tumour and stroma, the profile of immune cell subsets within distinct bands either side of the invasive margin can be quantified.

Significant insights can be made into the impact of immunotherapies on tumour immune processes and classification of different tumour types by direct interrogation of the tumour-immune interface.

Digital Pathology

The added value of semi-quantitative data for your pre clinical studies is undenyable

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