HistologiX provides expert Contract Histology Services in support of regulatory pre-clinical toxicology studies, clinical trials studies, non-regulatory histology, veterinary and medical research studies in tissue from humans and other species.

We can provide services from any point in the histopathology process, from wet tissue trimming through fixation, processing, embedding, sectioning to image analysis and reporting.

Veterinary Pathologists

GLP accredited, board certified Veterinary Pathologists are on hand for assessment of preclinical and translational efficacy and safety assessment for regulatory submissions.

Medical Pathologists

Histologix has formed close associations with a large group of external Board Certified Medical Pathologists who support both our Immunohistochemisty and Histology Services where they relate to research or clinical studies. These proffesionals have areas of sub-speciality and reports can be produced within CPA regulations.

Regulatory Preclinical Toxicology Histology

  • Rodent, dog, non-human primate, sheep, rabbit, etc.
  • Routine (oncology) and specialised (inhalation, neurotoxicity, immunotoxicity) tox studies
  • Standardised or custom trimming planes, blocking codes and species specific processing schedules

Non-Regulatory Histology

Histologix provides histological services from pharmacology and research studies. Please contact us for more information in atherosclerotic and Alzheimers models. cryosectioning, xenograft efficacy studies, wound healing and skin tox studies.

Special Stains

Histologix can undertake an extensive range of tintorial specialised staining methods to identify specific tissues, cell types and tissue/cell constituents; PAS/ABPAS, Masson's Trichrome, Reticulin, Giemsa, Van Geisson, MSB, PTAH, OGF, silver impregnation, Oil Red O and many more.

All specialised stains are accompanied with appropriate controls.

Veterinary Trials

Histologix supports safety and efficacy trials for veterinary medicines in a range of farm animal species by providing necropsy services, histology and reading and reporting by a Veterinary Pathologist in pigs, cattle, sheep, horses, poultry.

Through our strategic partner Histologix can provide full, GLP compliant trials in farm animal health in their extensive home office approved facility.


Therapeutic Antibody Cross Reactivity

Antibodies intended for therapeutic clinical use must undergo screening in human tissue as part of any regulatory preclinical safety assessment.

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