Histologix provides 100% QC of histology services for GLP and non-GLP compliant studies in a range of species from early stage discovery through regulatory preclinical toxicology to clinical trials.


Histologix provide specialist IHC and ISH services as well as histopathology, on behalf of its clients in many areas of research, including target validation and distribution in many therapeutic areas, oncology for example.

Clinical Trials

Using the GCP Accreditation and HTA licences, Histologix has expanded its services to include clinical trials and has performed analysis in Ph0, Ph1 and Ph2 trials.

Therapeutic Antibody Cross-Reactivity

Therapeutic molecular classes must undergo regulatory screening in human tissue as part of any preclinical safety assessment in line with US FDA, EU and Japanese MAFF regulations. Histologix has over 60 years of combined experience.

Digital Pathology and Image Analysis

Digital Image Analysis is performed by an in-house specialist using the HALO image analysis software. Quantitative endpoints from IHC analyses adds an exponential level of value to your studies.

Veterinary and Medical Histopathology

Subjective evaluation of stained tissues by veterinary and medical pathologists is a central part of the services offered by Histologix and compliments the quantitative studies.  This is important in both preclinical animal safety studies as well as clinical trials.


Offering a range of validated immune biomarker assays which can be used to assess immune infiltrates and tumour microenvironment. A combination of immuno-oncology biomarkers with digital image analysis helps in predicting efficacy of immuno-therapeutics.