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Board Certified Toxicological Pathologist to Read all Future TCR Studies 19/01/2017 07:57

As part of our continued development of Histologix services we are pleased to announce that the reading of all future GLP-compliant therapeutic antibody cross-reactivity studies will be undertaken by a British (FRCPath), American (DiplACVP) board-certified veterinary and toxicologic histopathologist.


With an extensive track record of evaluating a range of therapeutic antibody molecules and lending this histopathology experience to an already successful service we believe will enhance the quality of the service even further.


Histologix Ltd has been offering cross-reactivity studies since its inception in 2005 although its Directors were instrumental in developing the first recognised regulatory-compliant cross-reactivity screening service in 1989 and having presented those protocols to the FDA in 1992, they have since become an industry standard and the basis for current study designs.

Antibodies intended for therapeutic clinical use must undergo screening in human tissue as part of any regulatory preclinical safety assessment.

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Tonsils; CD8_Foxp3 Dual Stain, Co-localisation analysis

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