HistologiX has 2 suites of dedicated laboratories situated within BioCity, Nottingham, UK that are equipped with the necessary equipment platforms to support our service offerings

These facilities provide Histologix with a central base in the UK which benefits from an excellent travel infrastructure and which allows us to focus on providing high quality services for our clients in all aspects of our histological, immunohistochemistry, In situ hybridisation and digital pathology.

To achieve this Histologix has invested considerably in cutting edge equipment to ensure we can deliver results which are robust, consistent, reproducible and accurate to fully meet our client’s requirements and we continually work in close collaboration with our clients to become in effect, an extension of their in-house teams.

Some of our technologies include Roche Tissue Diagnostic Ventana automated IHC/ISH platforms, Hamamatsu Nanozoomers, LabVision automated IHC platforms, Indica Labs Halo™ image analysis, Leica & Sakura histology stainers.


Antibodies intended for therapeutic clinical use must undergo screening in human tissue as part of any regulatory preclinical safety assessment.

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