Board and Staff

Prof. Chris Womack (Non-executive chairman & Founder)

Chris led the Pathology Dept at Peterborough Hospital where he was fundamentally responsible for setting up the first UK gold-standard human tissue bank. In addition he played an advisory role for the Human Tissue Authority where he helped to identify accepted guidelines for the use of human tissue in research. Chris is currently Honorary Professor, Cancer Studies Research Group at MCRC Biobank (University of Manchester) and recently retired Principal Clinical Histopathologist at AstraZeneca.

David Fairley (Managing Director & Founder)

David has fulfilled many roles within research and diagnostic environments involving specialised histological technologies before joining Inveresk Research International (now part of the Charles River group). Here David set up and developed a department dedicated to providing new and existing histology and immunological technologies in support of the company’s regulatory preclinical toxicology safety testing. In this role he was the first person in the UK to offer human Tissue Cross-Reactivity studies for therapeutic Monoclonal antibodies to GLP standards. Having moved to take on a role involved in the development of predictive cell signalling biomarkers with Source BioScience he currently is responsible for business development and also is the Director of Histology and Quality Assurance.

Andrew Lawrence MSc (Director of Immunohistochemistry & Founder)

Having begun his scientific career within the diagnostic environment of the Pathology Department of Leicester Royal Infirmary Andrew subsequently joined Huntingdon Life Science as Head of Specialised Histological Techniques and introduced and developed a range of specialised histology technologies including Immunohistochemistry, in particular human tissue cross-reactivity testing. Before setting up HistologiX Ltd Andrew joined David Fairley at Source Bioscience where he was involved with the development of cell signalling biomarkers. Andrew is currently responsible for all immunohistochemistry-based projects and together with David Fairley have a wealth of knowledge of screening many different types of antibody and non-antibody based molecules.


Antibodies intended for therapeutic clinical use must undergo screening in human tissue as part of any regulatory preclinical safety assessment.

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